Oh pie face, I crave thee!

I feel my first post should be about why I am a photographer. What I am shooting or where I would like to work as a photographer. Even what I photographed on my mini getaways (which will be posted soon). But, no. I am craving pie face!
In New York recently on my 24hour expedition, I was introduced to a red smiley face welcoming me to come on in. I couldn’t stop at the time but on my way back from a seminar, I was on the search and forgot where I had seen that red smiley face last.
My smile was now upside down until I look to my right and there it was, all bright and shiny and next to a ‘The GoodWife’ poster. I like the ‘GoodWife’, so of course this was a sign! (pun so intended)
In I went to this cramp, sweet, good food smelling place and asked “what’s good?”. A patron told me to look on the board and choose…yes I am in New York; there’s not a kind patient word most of the time spoken but the guy working behind the counter read me the whole menu and suggested which savory pie to try. And, t the hen there are nice New Yorkers!
I ordered a mini pumpkin and blueberry pie with two savory pies; mince and chunky steak with tomato. All were delicious! Hence my delima: pie face comes to NY by way of Australia and from their site are only located in NYC and New Zealand. No where near Pittsburgh…NO!!!
I crave their delicious sweet and savory pies! Though sometime in Dec. 2012 a report was made that they skimped on the meat…Oh So NOT TRUE, not the ones I purchased.
SO…this is my first post, my craving for a pie face Pie. It’s not like I can rent a car and drive to 2 hour away Ohio to get my fix. They are 6 to 9 hours away (depending which transportation you choose) and if driving, have to deal with NYC traffic and finding a parking space. All for just a savory pie? YES, unfortunately yes.
But, I am logical and have no urgency to trek to NYC pie face. Though I did search their entire website to see if they would ship to my door (that was a no. I did not look hard enough they do SHIP NATIONWIDE, buffet style. pie face party anyone?).
I’ll have my memories and images of that delicious treat. Until next time pie face and NYC.
BTW: Pittsburgh, someone should invest in bringing pie face here for my,… I mean the ‘Burgh’s enjoyment and convenience.

Delicious pit stop on my 24hour expedition.

Delicious pit stop on my 24hour expedition.






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