Cleansing both personally and professionally

So, in realizing my affirmation that “There’s more work to be done! I’m not done yet! ” I decided after that day I would do a cleanse-detox-diet to work on me internally; mentally and physically, as I worked on the professional me. I’m thinking these “Me(s)” can work together and my productivity, creativity would go up, as stress, worry and insomnia go down.
For about a week now (I’m on day 7), I chose to do Kris Carr’s ‘Crazy Sexy Diet’. Inside is a 21 day cleanse that is suppose to help you find the love in all that is veggie. Plus your body to find the love in you, too.
She is the “Terminator” for all non-vegan lifestylers. Don’t be a meat, dairy, sweetener consuming sheep; she’ll get you! But, in a “love the people” 70’s kind of way. Carr gets down and dirty about juicing; varieties of mixers, blenders, veggies and the green goodies that can be added in. It’s basically a total vegan, not vegetarian but true vegan lifestyle. Kris Carr is a lifestyle and so is her ‘diet’.
What is a girl to do when your just a conduit for money; you don’t actually get to touch it, save it or play with it. It passes through you like a bad case of diarrhea to all you owe! They reap the benefits, your stuck with the clean up repair.
My lifestyle is eat when you can and/or have the money to do so. The starving artist diet. I’m not a burger every day kind of girl. I actually do love my veggies and prefer a salad to the bread and cow. I like my seafood, too. ( Carr’s diet is true vegan, remember) But, I also like Wholey’s lobster Mac ‘n’ cheese, Italian meats, Shrimp, catfish and a whole lot of not so good for me (in how they are prepared) foods. Especially sweets! That’s my kryptonite. I can eat that and ignore nourishment all day, as long as the sweet is there I’m a satisfied girl! Case in point: running around to different shoots for a day, I feel hungry and a little weak. My sugar must be low. Well, low and behold there is a Starbucks on the way to the next gig; I get a brownie and an orange juice. That’s healthy, right? That’ll help right, adding the orange juice?! Yeah, right! By the time I’m done working, I’m sluggish and exhausted but revved up so I can’t sleep( stress and worry helps with that too).
I chose a deliciously bad pastry over fruit and veggies because it was there for the grabbing. I felt good and that was my way of saying “have a good time on me” to my body; we worked hard today. That was not good to me or my body, nor did I need to reward myself like a poor doggy (some dogs eat better than I do!) That could be the reason why she (the body) is not so friendly to me any more.
Cheap is my kind dear ole friend. When we read what was needed to do Carr’s diet, my other not so good friend procrastination said: ” we can’t afford that now. Too expensive. Lets put it off until we can afford to by the equipment and materials.” Cheap totally agreed; freaked out by the amount money to be spent! But, when is that? When will that time come when we can afford to do the diet?
I ignored the two and jumped in…head first. Made a grocery list, checked it twice, got overwhelmed.
” Yea, how the heaven/hell am I to afford this lifestyle for 21 days? Rent’s due and it increased. Phone, utilities and oh yeah student loans will be knocking soon! I can’t afford the equipment(juicers, knives and what have you), let alone the materials ( bunches of kale, grassroots cucumber, green apples and the lot)!

I didn’t stop, though I felt I had good reason to.

I just tweaked her lifestyle to fit into mine. Found some great organic bottled juice and smoothies. She may be shaking her ‘Terminator’ gun at me but its in my budget and lifestyle. Plus I get the benefits of juicing without all the work and equipment that I may not use after the 21 days.
I re-worked the veggies for me and kept tuna in, yup not true vegan but vegetarian. I might drop the tuna in the next 2 weeks. I’m kinda liking the all veggies all the time routine.
So, I follow her guide and tweak it for me, to fit me. If I didn’t…I so would have quit. That sure would not fit my new affirmation! Not at all.
I’m on day 7 and her advice for today is stop checking your emails every second! Haha, the food I may have to tweak but her advice I sure don’t. It fits me perfectly! I know I am meant to go on this journey with her as my guide. I’m gonna chill from the tech for today. Enter this post, do some editing and get out of my cage for some sun and friend time.
I will keep you all, that read my entries, updated. Thank you for doing so!
Attach are some images of the process for me to get prepped for this journey. I even made an organic sweet to get through the cravings. Though, I don’t need or want it as much as I did in the beginning.
Start something new for yourself, something abnormally healthy to your normal routine and have fun!
main image- bag it and tag it, helps me grab and prepare without using the excuse to grab something not good.
Cucumber salad- my mom would make this for picnics and just to have with dinner. It’s very good and healthy.
Bountiful salad- I cheated and added cheese to this salad but it has kale and romaine lettuce, peppers, celery and tuna( just a pinch). It was very very delish!



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