How does one Stay Young and Hip, when Your NOT young and hip

( had to post this too. It has been on my mind and in draft box for some time.)

I receive a newsletter from H&M every so often about what’s hot, chic, hip, whatever the cool words are now and days for you to look good and others notice you. I see they are uniting with Beyonce in their up and coming Summer campaign. Smart, very smart that after her self-docu about herself has come out, you would want to ride those coat tails. I see another article next to it saying these new, young, fresh, hip photographers are the ones you should know.
I go over to each of their sites, tumblr or what have they and wonder to myself…How does ONE Stay Young and Hip, when Your NOT young and Hip?
I am no longer in my twenties and when I was in my twenties I felt as though I was in my forties. I had a lot of life changers that made me choose to either be the adult or rebellious young thang.
I chose adulthood. I feel I am behind the times because of that choice.
Graduating college as an ‘independent student’ and wonder that same ole nagging question. The one about staying hip when you ain’t.
How do I get a job? When the young and somethings have beat me to the punch.
How do I get published? When my age gives it away that I should have been out and photographing in mainstream years ago.
How do I stay relevant? When all I want to do is put more clothes on the boys and girls; in the new age advertising for fashion the clothes are shrinking.
Then I look at my work thus far and compare it to the young up and comers, the H&M’s and JCPenney’s of the world. Because even JCP got the hint and are now becoming young and hip in their clothing and marketing.
Then I realized, “aha” moment the ones that Oprah Winfrey raves about, and reconsidered I am not and will not be every young and hip photographer. I am not going to be like Annie Leibovitz ( though I consider her a mentor from a far), Bryon Adams or the up and comers in the H&M newsletter.
I am a good fashion photographer and a got a degree for a reason; to become a great fashion photographer. For some magazine, some newspaper, newsletter or coffee shop that added a vintage line in the back of their store.
And, I will work. May be I won’t get a shout out by H&M or Beyonce as being the next hip photog but I will do what I love and embrace fashion in all its variety; young, old, hip, vintage, tattered and torn or freshly pressed and tailored.
Hmm, I guess that’s how it’s done. Don’t worry, just be.


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