Starting something, new and exciting…


I am in the works in creating new branding for LIONESSphotography! I  will offer wedding and engagement packages. Of course headshots, theater/performance imagery and fashion imagery will still be part of LIONESSphotography. This will be the retail side of things. The other side will be documentary and personal works I like to present in exhibition. The goal is to be a well rounded photographer. Doing what I love and giving the best customer service in both realms.

This means, re-branding my website, blog (and blogging more often!) and social media outlets. Adding more social media, such as facebook, Instagram and twitter. Driving a stronger web presence than before and re-introducing myself to the world as a photographer.

I feel I have been out of the loop for awhile simply because I was figuring out who and what kind of photographer I am. I thought I needed to focus on one specific part: retail – commercial or fine art. That slowed me down on the work I was doing and the assignments I was taking in, plus I teach at wonderful place and that took up a lot of my time. I want to be perfect as a teacher, in all of it’s aspects and didn’t realize in order to be, at least a good teacher I had to be, at least a good photographer. It’s what I teach, studied and continue to pursue.

So! With that all said, look out for more, Yes more blog posts from me about this journey. What I’m learning, what I’m afraid of and what I have accomplished. I will post the link to the  revamped website and the added social media tid bits.

Stay tune… 🙂

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